Monday, December 6, 2010

Best. Trip. Ever (part 2)

day 4 - wild times at Animal Kingdom

The night before Animal Kingdom we had a great night's sleep, to bed early and slept late, so we were refreshed and ready for the day ahead!  We began our day with the Safari, our favorite site were the hippo's all huddled up in the water.  Reminds me of myself.  All big and cuddled up with the family.  Life is good.
Then we boogied on over to Camp Minnie Mickey to meet some characters with little to no wait time!  They all made a huge deal out of the kiddo's Christmas duds!  I think Goofy spooked Addie Lynn a bit.  Super props to Minnie Mouse who spent forever with us!  She LOVED Addie Lynn's dress and kept making kissing sounds at the kids.  Eli chewed on her nose for about 3 minutes. 

Loved some Minnie Mouse! 

After the AMAZING lion king show, we stopped for a Mickey Mouse Ice Cream.  I swear they taste better when eating them in Disneyworld. 
Now, onto the Jingle Jangle Parade and yet ANOTHER MAGICAL MOMENT.  So, we have great seats for the parade.  Kiddos are decked out in holiday gear and seriously tons of people IN the parade (dancers, characters, float people) are STOPPING (during the parade) to tell Addie Lynn how precious her dress was.  Mickey even took a minute to get her attention and pointed at her dress and waved super big!  It made her feel so special! 

I love this pic.  My Trae is a dinosaur lover, and knows a , TON about them.  This was his favorite spot EVER - Here they can did for fossils, play in excavation site, slide in hidden slides - all up Trae's ally!
Walking around in Asia, the kids were just being too cute!  I had to stop and get  a couple of shots.

I feel in love with DinoLand.  It reminds me of a Route 66 retro style theme-I love how this video turned out!

These pics crack me up!

day 5 - back to the Magic Kingdom

As we planned, we returned to Magic Kingdom to conquer the second half of the park:  Adventureland and Frontierland.  I knew the Christmas parade would be filming the next day for ABC, but I didn't count on all the set up and rehearsals the day we were there.  That made things a little wild.  We ended up heading back into Fantasyland to ride Peter Pan (loved it) and all of the baby humans insisted on riding It's A SMALL WORLD again.  By far their favorite ride ever (I agree it is very cool to look at, although I get the creepy vibe from the fake doll people)!


Another ride they loved was in Tommorrowland called The Peoplemover, basically it just cruises around going inside some other rides.  RJ and I believe Eli thought he was on a big golf cart. 
 My Snowpeople.
 Trae got tired of walking so we shoved him in the stroller too.  Hey, it worked.
 This is what children look like towards the end of a Disney trip.  They are totally sucked in.  (as I took this I had mouse ears on)
 Yet ANOTHER picture as we are heading back in our room (we have about 300 of these) Kids LOVED it!
Okay, okay - so many of you know I love my husband, but what do I love even more?  Beating him at something!  Please take note of my total domination in the Buzz Spin *we ALL LOVED this ride, it was defiantly worth riding again and again!!!!

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