Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our Year in Pictures, a glance back at the Top 5 (or 62) of 2010

So, if you have known me at any point since middle school you will know I am a picture nut, ever since my pal Amy in I would take our own "homemade glamour shots" by the Christmas tree.  My children's lives are well documented due to my fascination with capturing a moment.  These moments are passing all to quickly and I often find myself missing these moments so much it hurts.  I am happy to have them to look back on and relive,  over and over again.

Like every other family we have our highs and lows.  Looking back over these pictures I must believe that our year of 2010 was one of much joy.  In choosing the top 5 photo favorites I tried to sum up this joy in these couple moments, but that was WAY to hard so I have 62 pictures on here.  It was just too hard.  So much o year surrounds our three little blessings.  Ten years ago I would have posted a million pics of me and RJ wrapped up in new love.  Five years ago I would have posted pics of us traveling or with our friends.  This is the season of our lives we are in now, and we are living each moment with appreciation and love,  Enjoy!

 Our Year in Pictures
A Glance Back at the Top 5 (or 62) of 2010

from early in the year at Ripley's Aquarium in MB, each time we go the scuba diver always gives the kiddos a high five - this goes a long way in kid world
 I put the following picture in here because I was pregnant a fourth of this year.  I thought I was going to bust.  I felt like I was in labor for two months and it made me feel crazy.  Alas, he was overdue and we survived my crazed hormones and worrisome nights.  And YES, I feel like someone always has their hands down my shirt, grabbing my leg, or something of the sort. 
 How perfect - the big brother's first glance of his new baby brother.  You will see, this loving gaze continues to grow.
 So, we put Trae in soccer.  He did not love it.  He loved his friends he made and he loved running through this tunnel and that was pretty much it.  To be honest, if I could get my big bum through this tunnel I would SO LOVE IT!
 This photo is taken by my friend Angela, of Angela Craft Photography.  What a moment in time.  I love this picture.  The kids did great adjusting to our wee lil man. 
 Now, this is what happened when I walked off from new baby Eli for 2 minutes.  Addie Lynn and Trae would put toys on him.  Gifts of love? 
 My gal.  Who wouldn't love being under a giant parachute?  Again, I love it too.

 In the wee hours of the morning of Eli's first 8 weeks of life when he would wake up to nurse these smiles sustained me.  I swear (trust me I know all about when a "real" smile comes) but I swear these were real smiles.  The kid started smiling in the hospital and just hasn't stopped yet.  Thank you God for making baby three a dream baby thus far.
 This makes me think of summer.  I miss you summer, not the heat.
 ...and we have our first thumb sucker, almost 9 months later and he's still going strong.
 Again, I walked in the kid's room after leaving Eli for 2 minutes and this is what I found.  I almost fell over laughing.  Funny stuff.
 My first mother's day as a mom of three.
 So, we put Addie Lynn in a pageant.  This proved to be a shockingly great experience (there were plenty of pros and cons).   She asks me every other day to do another one.  I told her let's just relive the memory.
 There is the brother gaze again.  Beautiful boys..
 This is the stuff that makes us laugh. 
 Best friends (lots of people ask are they twins!)
 Big brother's loving gaze.  Love this.
 My princess loves to dress up.
 Trae said "dinosaur" at 10 months old.  The fascination has not stopped. He cannot learn enough about them.  His passion for dinos continued this year as well.
 Addie Lynn began taking ballet/tap.  This is the cutest thing ever.  Ever.
 Again, I walked off for 2 minutes and this is what I found.  Funny stuff, again.
 They day the mud came.  This was super fun until my brother drove by and told them they may get ringworm.  Then Trae freaked out because he thought he had ringworm (even though he doesn't even know what it is).  Funny.

 My superman turned four this year.  He wears his cape all the time.  Before this he would ask me for my "udder cover" and wear it around flying here and there.  When he told a waitress "I fly with my mommy's udder cover" we decided to buy a proper cape for him.
 We love the ocean.  God's splendor and power. 

 Addie Lynn

And this is what fall should be....

 Below photo's by Angela Craft Photography of Eli's 6 month pics.

 Addie Lynn in time-out.  The story of her 2 year old life.

 with our godson Jackson and the new sweet Elizabeth

I have already posted a hundred of my favorite Disney pics on here.  Her is my all time favorite. 

Gamecocks.  Steelers.  Giants.  We love our sports!
Addie Lynn lives in these dress up shoes.

 snow angels on the pull behind trailor.  LOL 

 After an amazing Christmas service people get crazy with a snowball fight.  My hubby is using the baby as a shield.  Shameless.
We cannot wait to see what 2011 has in store!  :)


  1. Loved the wrap up of the year. What wonderful pics and memories.

  2. Nan- Oh my goodness I can't believe I found your blog. That is crazy... Your kids are getting so stinking big.. Miss ya and hope your doing well!

  3. Nan, this is so awesome! Love the part about getting up and getting out and how this is a sad world, but God is still working in it! Very inspiring!! Love u girl, great stuff!!!