Monday, July 25, 2011

The stuff that keeps me going,.,,,


Of course, this does not mean I am perfect.  It does mean I try, try, TRY to live a life based on the teaching of Christ.  It does not mean I am religious.  It does mean I can feel the love and light of Jesus and I have peace.  The peace of Christ is unlike any other.  Rocks my world and helps me carry on in it.

The Five Love Languages

People ask me all they time what makes our marriage work and so happy?  It's not like we walk around smiling all day and spewing rainbows.  We have issues just like the next household.  We do work at it, and we seek counsel of others as well as read things that make our lives better.  We read this book over 8 years ago and this book is still one of the best.

So, it should be a rule.  If you are getting married read this book.  If you are married, read this book.  If you are married and you haven't read this book, how are you still married? 

This book is an easy read.  Just read it and learn to love your mate the way they need it. 

Love and Logic            

This parenting style most closely aligns with my own beliefs on parenting.  Bonus:  it works.  Here is a link for more info... a good resource for teachers also. 

So my friends have asked me, why the attachment to facebook?  Well here are some factors to consider...
- I am a full time mother of three small children.  How often do you think I really "get out" without it being a major task or furthermore how many actual phone calls do you think I get without someone needing something?  I love "catching" up with the ones I love stress free.
- I love people.  I love my friends and family. I have friends all over the place, how often do I get to see their kids grow up or them at their birthday parties?  I love seeing pics of everyone's fun.  Makes me happy.
- I am a full time graduate student getting a degree in technical services.  Plus my degree is online.  I LIVE online.  How many hours can I stare at the USC site and a word document before I go insane from no human interaction?  Time for a fb break.
- It is fun to be in the know.  Seriously, you know it is fun finding out what is happening.  How many times have I gotten a great deal because it showed up on my news feeds or how many events have I been to because of fb reminders. 
- Because it is fun.  When it stops being fun, I will delete it.  Easy-Peasy-Lemon-Squeezy.

The Caring Bridge site for The Hewitt Family
Have you heard of the Hewitt family from Chapin that lost two of their babies in a car accident in Lexington?  Their story is heartbreaking, but what they have done with their pain is amazing.  They have honored the lives of their children by having faith unlike anyone I have ever seen.  They blog about it on this site….
They have inspired me to be a better mom.  When I am burning dinner and Eli is sitting on my foot screaming, Trae is wanting me to play Transformers (again), and Addie Lynn is screaming at him over taking her markers I stop and think about how grateful I am in that moment.  These hard moments (the ones that make you crazy) are a part of LIFE.  This family has written about their memories of their earthly life with their children, thus proving how special each moment with them is. 
For example, I read an entry awhile back that Crystal wrote about dancing in the rain with the kids.  Any day I can go out and do it (while it is safe) I do!  I honor their children, Parker and Haley, by doing this with my own.  What an awesome thing to do. 

The sitcom on ABC called “The Middle”
Listen, this family could be my family.  Chris (my brother) and I always said our family should be on a sitcom.  You have NO idea.  Now that I have kids, I realize this mom and I are so “there” with each other.  Funny stuff.  The main thing I like about it:  Don’t take life too seriously and love the ones you've got, because they are yours.


I know, I know.... some of you right now are snickering.  Yes, the guy is ubber famous and rich... for good reason.  He is cool!  I mean super duper cool!  I have seen him with my own eyes, heard his voice, he is probably the ONLY celeb. that has ever made me see stars.  The dude is cool bottom line.  Plus I can always put in "War" or "The Joshua Tree" I am inspired to do anything.  Done.

epic coolness, you know it!

For the mommies....

Find a "mommy blog" that you like.  I love a bunch.  It is great reading at the end of a long day and sure to make you laugh out loud when you realize your life is not the only crazy one.  Here is a link of some good ones!  Trust me, there is something for everyone

Final Thoughts...

There are a million other things I could go into like all the music, plays, books, movies, shows, etc. things that I just love, but that would seriously take all night.  My most favorite and most inspiring thing is sharing life with people.  I can be a real social person, and also a real anti-social person at times.  Either way, I love people and I think it is important to realize : We're all in this together.

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