Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How to Really Love a Child....

I came across this today and it resonates with me so deeply.  I love each word.  I love the idea of letting kids be - kids.  As I am surrounded by stacks and stacks of school work, laundry, dishes, and a massive to-do list. I needed this reminder today. 

My "perfect self" is the parent described above.  Of course, I fail daily in one way or another.  It's anything from "I didn't even read with Trae today" to "I just lost my temper with Addie Lynn"  or "If Eli hides my cell phone one more time...." 

Things all that I can prevent from happening by simply putting my cell phone out of reach, calmly handeling my daughter's pushing-the-envelope antics, or even keeping with our normal night routine to ensure reading time for all of them is there. Yet instead of problem solving we get into a vicous cycle of blaming ourselves or caught in moments of "doing things" so much so that we forget to live.  We forget to just sit down and play with our kids.  We forget to laugh with them.  Really laugh.

I know as I have taken on this insane 9 hour graduate school summer from you-know-where I have lost a lot of my true self.  The kids are just not getting my best.  The mom they deserve. I know they "miss" me and I vow to do better, even if that means a B in a class or asking for an extension for a project.

 As a former teacher and as a fellow parent I do believe that in most cases parents do the best they can for their kids.  It is our job as society, as friends, as colleagues to be there to support each other and encourage each other as we raise our children. 

It really does take a village.  I am so blessed to have a great "tribe" of people alongside me that I can talk things out with, get new ideas from, and to inspire me to be the best mom I can be.  After all, we are not ever to be "perfect" parents but we are called to really love our children.  Let's make it fun.

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